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What is Auto.js Pro

An IDE for writing and running JavaScript code on the Android, including an editor with code completion, debugging, and UI design, which can be built as an independent application.


What Auto.js Pro can do

Create automation & efficiency tools, and small applications with beautiful interfaces, such as batch processing of pictures, automated tests, building servers, etc. To free your hands, or learn programming, or make applications.


Why choose Auto.js Pro

Complete documentation and examples, rich API, enhanced encryption, active updates, and use JavaScript to connect the ecosystem of Java, Android, and Node.js.

Professional debugging

Single-step debugging, running scripts and projects on VSCode, with auto-completion & layout inspector.

Connect your device using Wi-Fi or USB.

Debugging can also be done in the editor of the mobile app.

Professional building

Stronger encryption

Offline Dex encryption and snapshot encryption to better protect your code, stronger online encryption is also coming soon.

More Customization

Customize permissions, signatures, startup image, optimize unnecessary functions, reduce the size of the built apk, and create a truly independent application.

More than Pro

Since the release of Pro in 2 years, 112 updates , 332 bug fixes, 98 function optimizations, and 120 new functions have been continuously iterated to create high-quality products.

See Full feature list and App Change Log for more details.。

Function and Production Show

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  • Professional debugging、customize building、stronger encryption、rich API are waiting for you to experience
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