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Node.js engine

Pro 9 adds Node.js 16.x engine, the performance is more than 100 times that of the original engine, and supports ES2021

Feature matching

Optimized feature matching allows you to match images at any resolution

Built-in OCR

Built-in PaddleOCR and optimized for accuracy, while providing a faster MLKit OCR plugin

Plugin Store and Free Install

When the plugin is packaged, it can be merged into the apk, no need to install it separately; the plugin store is online, and you can choose from multiple plugins

Encryption Enhancement

Node.js engine encryption is currently not restored code, online optimization will be launched to further enhance encryption

Perfect VSCode debugging experience

Remote single-step debugging, automatic completion, optimized file synchronization efficiency, management of device files, etc

Npm Ecosystem Support

npm packages can be installed and used, including 2 million npm packages such as ws, express, koa, etc.

Code Store

Nearly a thousand free online codes and projects can be downloaded at will, and you can also share your

Packaging Custom

Customize signature, CPU architecture, startup map, permissions, optimize application size, obfuscate components, etc.


Officially supports the use of web writing interface, and can even use frameworks such as React/Vue, and provides web interaction API

Multi-Tab Editor Workspace

Multi-Tab file editing, tree file management, editor based on LSP intelligent completion, syntax error prompts, etc.

UI Visualization Design

The visual UI design implemented by Haoran provides a more convenient and simple design interface for Xiaobai to design UI

API enhancements

WebSocket, database, android ui resources, work manager, settings, OCR, etc.

Bug fixes and optimizations

200 versions in 3 years, nearly 500 bug fixes, nearly 200 optimizations, more than 200 new functions, are you still using the riddled free version?

more new features

see the change log, more functions are continuously updated