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Interface DialogProperties

The configuration properties of the dialog.




  • DialogProperties



Optional Readonly cancelable

cancelable: boolean

dialog is cancelable, if false, dialog can only be canceled programmatically. Default is false.

Optional Readonly canceledOnTouchOutside

canceledOnTouchOutside: boolean

dialog is cancelable when click outside, default is true

Optional Readonly checkBoxChecked

checkBoxChecked: boolean

checkbox is checked

Optional Readonly checkBoxPrompt

checkBoxPrompt: string

checkbox text

Optional Readonly content

content: string

dialog content

Optional Readonly contentColor

contentColor: Color

dialog content color

Optional Readonly contentLineSpacing

contentLineSpacing: number

dialog content line height, 1.0 is the same as the line height of the text

Optional Readonly customView

customView: View

dialog custom view, use inflateXml to create. After using custom view, most configuration items will be invalid, e.g. content, progress, input.

Optional Readonly icon

icon: string | Image

dialog icon, a URL or an image object

Optional Readonly inputHint

inputHint: string

Optional Readonly inputPrefill

inputPrefill: string

dialog input default value

Optional Readonly items

items: string[]

dialog list options

Optional Readonly itemsColor

itemsColor: Color

dialog list options color

Optional Readonly itemsSelectMode

itemsSelectMode: "multi" | "single" | "select"

dialog list options selection mode, can be: multi, single, select, respectively for multi-choice dialog, single-choice dialog, and selection list

Optional Readonly itemsSelectedIndex

itemsSelectedIndex: number | number[]

dialog list options selected index, if single mode, one index; if multi mode, an array

Optional Readonly negative

negative: string

dialog cancel button text(the left button of the confirm button)

Optional Readonly negativeColor

negativeColor: Color

dialog cancel button color(the left button of the confirm button)

Optional Readonly neutral

neutral: string

dialog neutral button text(the middle button)

Optional Readonly neutralColor

neutralColor: Color

dialog neutral button color(the left button)

Optional Readonly positive

positive: string

dialog confirm button text

Optional Readonly positiveColor

positiveColor: Color

dialog confirm button color(the right button)

Optional Readonly progress

progress: { horizontal?: boolean; max: number; progress?: number; showMinMax?: boolean }

dialog progress bar configuration

Type declaration

  • Optional horizontal?: boolean

    show progress bar as horizontal

  • max: number

    progress bar max value

  • Optional progress?: number

    progress bar current value

  • Optional showMinMax?: boolean

    show progress bar min and max value

Optional Readonly title

title: string

dialog title

Optional Readonly type

dialog type, see DialogType. Default is "app".

Optional Readonly wrapInScrollView

wrapInScrollView: boolean

dialog is scrollable, default is true