What features does Auto.js Pro have more than the free version of Auto.js?

See Auto.js Pro features, App Change Log and Docs Change Log.

Does the same Pro account allow multiple devices to use? What is the maximum number of devices supported?

Starting from June 2021, the maximum number of devices that can be logged in at the same time is 2. When logging in to the third device, the first device will be removed from the login state.

How to download Auto.js Pro? Where is the latest document?

A: Auto.js Pro on Google Play

Latest documents: https://g.pro.autojs.org/docs

What is the difference between Auto.js Pro 8.0 and the old version 7.0?

A: Compared with 7.0, Auto.js Pro 8.0 adds very many functions, such as VSCode single-step debugging, etc., fixes many bugs, and will continue to update.

In order to combat the misuse of this software by gray products and meet the needs of normal users to write gadgets, small applications, small toys, and automation, Auto.js Pro 8.0 does not take effect such as automatic click on some software, currently including mainstream social networking Software, live broadcast software, short video software, Taobao and other dozens of software.

Auto.js Pro 7.0 has been discontinued and will no longer be updated. It is no longer on sale officially. Please be careful of being deceived.

I don’t need these features. I want to continue using the free version. Will the free version still be updated?

The free version has been updated to 4.1.1Beta and is no longer being updated. On the one hand, since Auto.js provided Auto.js for free in January 2017, it has spent a lot of energy and cannot maintain two versions at the same time, and if only the free version is maintained, there is no enough motivation to continue to update; on the other hand, there are Many people have modified the open source code of Auto.js, added some functions and sold them as expensive paid versions, without obtaining any authorization, and in violation of the [non-commercial use] clause in the open source agreement; Gray and illegal uses such as group control and swiping. This makes me feel very chilled, which is also an important reason for the suspension of the free/open source version.